Bubble nylons are Polyethylene-based products especially used to protect variety of products against breaking and scratches.

Today, it is widely used not only in a few sectors to protect it from external factors, but also to protect the product against all kinds of impacts, dust, scratches and breakages in both outer and inner packaging.
The products, which are produced in different qualities as single, double, laminated or bags, can also be produced in different colors upon to the request.


It provides maximum protection against all kinds of external impacts and factors such as dust, moisture, electrification or friction.
Especially small materials can be protected well agains breaking or scratching by using several layers
It can be used as a filler against breakage between products.
It can be produced in different colors according to the quantity and demand.
Bubble’s diameters vary between small and large sizes depending on the product to be used.


- Available length is 10 CM - 200 CM in production
- There are two different balloon sizes, 10 mm and 30 mm.
- Production can be made between 40 gr / m2 and 350 gr / m2
- Custom made production allows variety of length and weight upon request


It is especially used for packaging and protecting products that are different in size and cannot be used as bags. Not only furniture, machinery, construction materials or wooden materials, but also toys, electronic products and thousands of materials of different sizes are safely transported and stored by use of this product.



Bubble nylon bags which can be produced in different sizes with or without a cover are used especially for products that are obliged to be delivered in big quantities within a short period of time
These widely used products are both time saving and labor saving