Stretch Films produced with the high technology keep your products together both during and after transportation stages as well as protect them from external factors such as dust, dirt or rain etc.

Polyethylene stretch films produced with fully automatic machines are completely environmentally friendly and are used for different purposes in different sectors.

Custom-made stretch films which can be produced in variety of dimensions thanks to our efficient production line and team are divided into two different lines as Hand Stretch and Machine (Power) Stretch.

Hand (manual) Stretch

Hand stretch films are used for wrapping products without the need for a machine.
Hand stretches, which are much lighter and shorter than machine rolls, provide ease of use. In general, it is used to hold the goods on the pallet together and to protect against external factors.
Flexible and transparent stretches are used safely in situations and places where machine stretch cannot or improper to be used.


• Standart width is 50 cm in production.It can be different depending on the order quantity.
• Standart thicknesses are 17, 20 and 23 micron
• They can be produced in different lengths between 100 and 300 mts
• Standart Bobbin Weight is 400 grams
• 6 pieces in a carton.
• It is economical, it provides great profit from labor force and time.
• Different colors upon to the request are possible depending on the quantity


Power Machine Stretch

Machine films are used for those which require more layers and more homogeneous winding. They are produced in two different qualities as power and super power.
Self-adhesive machine stretch films are both cost effective and safe way to wrap pallet loads.
It is impossible to use these films that are used to fix loose products on pallets without a stretcher.


• Standard width is 50 cm.
• Standart thicknesses are 17,20 and 23 micron . If requested, it can be produced between (10 - 50) micron.
• Length may vary from 750 to 1500 meters. Different colors are available
• There is one in a box.
• Stretch rate is 300%, and it does not tear easily thanks to its strength.