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A FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bag is a special type of bag used for a packaging process. FFS means that the bag takes its form (form), the product is filled into the bag (fill) and the bag is sealed (seal). This process is usually performed by automated packaging machines.

FFS bags are usually made of plastic film and they come on a roll. The packaging machine takes the film from this roll and forms the bags in a predetermined shape and size. The bags are then filled with product through the filling unit. The filling process is usually automated and done quickly. Finally, the top of the bag is hermetically sealed or closed, thus protecting the product inside and preventing it from being affected by external factors.

FFS Bag Features

  • It wraps the products exactly and holds them together.
  • Saves time and labor.
  • Protects against external factors.
  • Provides ease of transportation.

Areas of Use

FFS Bag is used in many fields, mainly in feed packaging, dry food and electronics.

Feed Packaging

Dry Food Industry

Chemical Industry

Cleaning Products


Agriculture Products

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