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The quality of meat and milk produced by livestock and dairy animals is directly related to the feed they eat.

Special silage stretchers are used to store these feeds in natural conditions.

Silage stretchers are produced to protect products that can be affected by moisture such as grass, hay, straw, etc., especially silage, for a long time. The products that are baled untouched by special silage machines are generally wrapped with white stretch wraps, but they can also be applied in different colors upon request.

Silage Stabilizer Advantages

  • It can preserve silage and forages as fresh as the first day.
  • Provides full protection against external factors such as water, moisture and dust.
  • By keeping the products together, it saves space in storage.

Areas of Use

Silage Stretch Film is used in many areas, we can list the main areas as farms, agricultural products packaging, greenhouse cultivation.

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