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Machine films are used when more and more homogeneous winding is required. They are produced in two different qualities as power and super power. Self-adhesive machine stretch films are a safe and cost-effective way to wrap pallet loads.

It is impossible to use these films without a stretch machine and they are mainly used for fixing loose products.

Machine Type Stretch Film Specifications

  • The standard is 50cm.
  • It is produced in thicknesses of 17, 20 and 23 microns as standard. If desired, it can be produced between 10 - 50 microns.
  • Length 750-1500 meters and can be produced in different colors.
  • There is one piece in the box.
  • Gerdirme oranı %300 olup, mukavemeti sayesinde kolay yırtılma olmaz.

Areas of Use

Machine Stretch Film is used in many areas, we can list the main areas as factories, international transportation companies.

Airports Suitcase Wrapping

Pallet Top Product Coatings

Furniture Sector

International Transportation Sector

Industrial Plants


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