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Garbage Bag

Today, especially in industry, these bags are used for the storage and transportation of all kinds of raw materials, semi-finished products or industrial wastes.

These bags, which are produced in different colors and sizes according to demand, can be produced from recyclable raw materials as well as HDPE or LDPE if desired.

Garbage Bag Advantages

  • They are made of thick and strong materials. Therefore, they have the appropriate durability for the transportation of even heavy and sharp objects.
  • Resistant to damage such as rupture, puncture or leakage.
  • These bags prevent litter from spreading into the surrounding environment and thus maintain hygiene conditions
  • Well designed, it comes with carrying handles or attachment points. This makes it easy to carry and tie the garbage bag. It is also practical that the bag can be opened and closed easily.

Areas of Use

Garbage Bags are used in many areas, we can list the main areas as Factories, Construction, Chemistry, Food sectors.







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