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Food stretch film is a widely used packaging material in the food industry. It aims to protect the freshness and hygienic conditions of food products with its flexible and transparent structure.

Food stretch film prevents food from exposure to oxygen, moisture and external factors, thus extending the shelf life of the products. It also acts as a protective barrier during transportation and storage of packaged food. It is easily stretchable and has an adhesive structure, which facilitates packaging processes.

Food stretch film, which is widely preferred both in industrial-scale production enterprises and for home use, offers a practical, economical and hygienic packaging solution.

Food Stretch Film Specifications

  • The standard is 50cm.
  • It is produced in 23 micron thickness as standard. If desired, it can be produced between 10 - 50 microns.
  • Length 750-1500 meters and can be produced in different colors.
  • There is one piece in the box.
  • The stretch ratio is 0 and it is not easy to tear due to its strength.

Areas of Use

Food Stretch Film is used in many areas, we can list the main areas as restaurants, home kitchens, cafes.





Bakery / Patisseries

Canning and Packaging Industry

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