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Hand stretch films are used for wrapping products without the need for a machine.

Much lighter and shorter than machine rolls, hand stretchers provide ease of use. In general, it is used both to keep the goods on the pallet together and to provide protection against external factors.

Flexible and transparent stretches are used safely in situations and places where machine stretch cannot be used.

Hand Stretch Film Features

  • Hand stretchers are produced in 50 cm width as standard. They can be produced in different widths depending on the number of orders.
  • It is produced in 17, 20 and 23 micron thicknesses as standard.
  • 100-300m. They can be produced in different lengths.
  • In general, the standard bobbin weight is 400 grams.
  • Hand type pallet styrene is 6 pieces in a box.
  • It is economical, saves labor and time.
  • It can be produced in different colors according to demand.

Areas of Use

Hand Stretch Film is used in many areas, we can list the main areas as transportation, kitchen, factories, restaurants, furniture products.

Transportation Sector

Pallet Top Product Coatings

Furniture Sector


Takeaway Services


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